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this fo banner was made by kylinkwan I'll be using it until I can make my own or stalk a friend to make a special original one just for me xDDDDD

OK it's written that you can comment to be added.... that's not true ^^;;;
I don't use livejournal all that much anymore and I don't really want people I don't know, so I won't be adding anyone, whether you comment here or not
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Arashi PVs

Ok this is mainly for ichigosweetI promissed her that I would spam her with Arashi XD hehe. 
So here are ALL (well I'm pretty sure those are all of them anyway) all of my PVs for Arashi ^^ YEAH!!!!! 
So if anyone wants them feel free to take them XD. Just so people know what they want or not I'll write a short description of the pvs ^^ 

Hadashi no Mirai (HQ) Catchy song where they are all being silly and singing in the shower (dressed of course XD) 
Michi the shortest pv ever it's 50 seconds or so XD I like it it's from the movie Pikanchi ^^ 
Sakura Sake (HQ) My favorite song of them XD they dress as weird teachers and nerdy students in this it's pretty funny XDDD 
Pikanchi This PV contains scenes from the movie Pikanchi life is hard dakedo happy (the first movie) 
Kotoba Yori Taisetsu Na Mono The opening theme of Stand up. They're basically showing stores with people in front of them and Arashi everywhere and they're with flowers the video's cute and the songs really good ^^;; 
Lucky Man (HQ) Good song but lots of boy dancing but the big plus of this vid is that you get to see them all wet XD 
Pikanchi double song from Pikanchi life is hard dakara happy (second movie). Basically them dancing on a roof top ^^;;; 
Sunrise Nippon mainly them dancing in front of a gas station ^^;;;;; You also get to see them sleeping which is cute ^^ 
Tomadoinagara Arashi singing in a miniature town and playing around with miniature cars and planes ^^;;; 
Typhoon Generation cool PV set ina sort of how to put it...I think they tried to make them look like punk and shove them in a slump type of place (it's not that bad but it's for lack of word right now ^^;;) (they also go randomly into normal mode with a bit of dancing) 
A day in our life the MS version so this isn't a PV but it was on the same cd as my pvs so I shoved it here ^^;; it's just them dancing 
A day in our Life I think this song is the ending theme of Kisarazu Cat's eyes (but I might be wrong ^^) it's kinda rappy. This is the PV version of it. They dance a bit in it but it looks pretty cool. 
A.RA.SHI (HQ) their first PV it's just dancing but they're sssssoooo cute in it XD they're so chibi ^^ I'm fairly sure this was released at the end end of 1999 (I know it was 2 months after their debut) 
Hero again a dancing pv but this song is really great and I get emotional in it cause it was made mainly for the 24 hour terebi ;_; so cute. They all look hot in this XD (you see them running aroung the city too) 
Hitomi no naka no Galaxy (HQ) They're singing and you randomly see 2 foreign kids looking through a telescope (no dancing in this one either YEAH ^^) they look very calm in this one it's really pretty! 
Jidai (HQ) it looks cool but lots of dancing again ^^;;; but I really love that song (it's the ending theme of Kindaichi 3) 
Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi some dancing but not all that much. They're kinda peaceful and they also look kinda lonely when they show them seperatly. This seems to be in a rather rural part of Japan it's pretty 
Kimi no Tame ni Boku ga Iru lots of dancing and you see them on tv ^^;;; it kinda looks like they are advertising themselves (in a obvious way XD that's not actually telling with words the puplic ^^;;;) they're all wearing suits 
Nice na Kokoro iki Arashi being silly and crazy inside a work place XD I love this pv and guess what NO DANCING!!! 
Kitto Daijoubu ok this must be the dancing pv I like best it's just so much crack XD it's hilarious XDDDD it's a very bright and colorful pv with moments of insanity XDDDD 

(as people might have realized by the way I say things in here I'm not a big fan of boys band dancing ^^;;; I just like those pvs cause they're Arashi and I like the songs, yep I can handle Arashi's dancing cause it's them doesn't mean I like it though XD but they are really hot no matter what so it's always a plus ^^ hehe)

 Anyway I just realized that I don't have the Wish PV 0_o I was sure I had it but I can't find it anywhere (I mean I think Wish is one of Arashi's song I like the least but still) can anyone upload the pv for me I'm sure one of you guys have it. It really bothers me and even though I'm not a big fan of that song the pv was adorable 

EDIT: Thank you sarahpotzfor uploading my missing pvs ^^ 
so here is Wish The guys singing in a miniature town and looking at a plushy boy trying to get the plushy girl XD it's so cute XDDD 
and here's the All or Nothing which I can't describe cause I actually haven't seen that one yet >_< I'll see it on Monday *-* 
once again thank you sarahpotzfor the links ^^

And on a small note: Kazu-chan Otenjoubi Omedetou!!!!!!!ok so his b-day's tomorrow but since in Japan it's already the 17th it means it's his b-day he's now 23 ^^
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Jun for me

0_o that was actually really fast man!!

Ok I've uploaded all of these songs of Arashi for amari_sakura please everyone feel free to take ^^!!! These are all in zip files uploaded on megaupload. The files aren't too big (I split all the songs I had in smaller groups so it wouldn't be too big!!!)
It actually went really fast to upload these on MU I started this morning at 9am and I'm done with everything 0_o

anyway Enjoy under the lj-cut I'll write the title of the songs that are inside the file ^^

Arashi's first file
Collapse )

Arashi's second file
Collapse )

Arashi's third file
Collapse )

Arashi's fourth file
Collapse )

Arashi's fifth file
Collapse )

Arashi's sixth file
Collapse )

Arashi's seventh file
Collapse )

Arashi's solos
Collapse )

Ohno's solo con.
This is many of the files from Ohno's solo con ^^ the quality of the songs are pretty poor you hear more the people screaming then him. But it's still worth it and you get to hear Oretachi no song (Sho version) too which is such a great and hilarious song!!!

Ok some of those songs aren't has good quality as others (especially in the solos) I put all my songs except: Jidai, Sakura Sake, Wish and Te-Tsunego
I'm currently looking for all the songs I'm still missing (I need the Oretachi no song Ohno version so badly >_< haha)
I hope everyone will enjoy these!!!
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